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Talking About the Why of Homeschooling

Hello Friends, on today’s episode of the podcast I talk about why my husband and I have chosen the path of homeschooling for our seven children.

Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast 97: Talking About Why We Homeschool

Our core motivation for homeschooling is family discipleship, and in this episode I share how we are attempting to train our children for Christ through all of our living and learning.

If there was ever a time to fully embrace this model of teaching our children diligently all through the day and night, now is the time. We are raising children in a time of great moral confusion, and we need to be equipping our young people to be able to stand against the tides of evil in their generation. Homeschooling is not the Savior, but my husband and I believe that it is a powerful tool to lead our children in the truth and give them a vision for kingdom-minded priorities.

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