Very few books today are worth reading. Even fewer are important. Legacy, by Ruth Adams, is an important book for every homeschooling family, and every homeschooled graduate, to consider. With over 35 years of perspective on the modern-day Christian homeschooling movement, both as a homeschooled student, and homeschooling mother, Ruth brings a challenge to pursue holiness, without embracing legalism. With exquisite balance, she helps parents to reach their child’s heart with the gospel, and avoid merely training him or her to externals. With candor and honesty, Ruth calls us all to strive for a high calling, but avoids presenting her family as having already arrived at perfection. I’ve seldom read a book that exhibited more strength and grace at the same time. This book is bold and compassionate. It is both challenging and affirming. I hope every Christian parent will consider reading this important book.

Israel Wayne is Director of Family Renewal. He is a conference speaker and author of a number of books, including: Education: Does God Have An Opinion?


Ruth Adams is absolutely precious! I met her several years ago in a small prayer meeting at Teach Them Diligently’s homeschool convention, and was captivated by her deep heart for the Lord and her family. Since then, I’ve read (and SO appreciated) her book and have appreciated every connection with her. Ruth is caring, very grounded in Biblical truth, and such a wonderful mother. I’m absolutely THRILLED she is wanting to mentor moms through this new podcast. What a blessing! Listen with me!!!

Ann Dunagan – Mission Minded Families


This podcast has really blessed me. I know it’s geared towards Mammas. But, I think it’s great for ladies of all ages and in all seasons. I am a single gal I have been so encouraged by your podcast. Thank you Mrs. Adams for ministering to us in such an uplifting and honest way! I love all of the real life stories and how you share about the ways God is shaping and molding you and your family into His Son’s image! I can really relate to so many of the life lessons you share. And I find the verses an encouragement very applicable. Thank you!!!

H musicgirl

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  1. Cathy Blake says:

    I just finished reading “Legacy.” I do not agree with everything that Ruth stated, but, she shares my heart on many issues! Like her, I believe God wants me to incorporate His truths more in our homeschool.
    I also have a large family and Ruth understands the dynamics of parenting and discipling so many blessings.
    I have already recommended her book to another mama.

  2. Cathy,
    Thank you for taking the time to read “Legacy” and for recommending it to another mama. Thank you also for leaving this review! May the Lord bless you with much joy as you raise your many blessings.

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