Homeschooling in 2020

2020 has presented challenges far beyond what any of us envisioned at the turn of the new year. As we look ahead to a new school year, many parents find themselves on the new journey of homeschooling while many long time homeschoolers are now juggling new stresses and challenges that were not there before.

Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast 115: Things To Do In The New School Year

On today’s episode of the “Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast” I share from my own experience in homeschooling for over forty years now. I hope that you will find encouragement for the journey whether you are a new or a veteran homeschool family.

In times like these it is important that we keep our eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith. No virus, political upheaval, or financial strain can thwart His plans for our families. He is with us to guide us even in these very challenging times!

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Thank you for listening and may the Lord be with you until we meet again.

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