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Seeking an Eternal Perspective with Katie LaPierre

Hello Friends! I am really excited over this week’s episode of the podcast. I had such a great time interviewing Katie LaPierre about her brand new 31 Day Devotional and Journal. This resource is meant to encourage women towards an eternal perspective in their roles as wives and mothers.

Katie had so many wise things to share, so I encourage you to tune in and listen and to check out her ministry and new book! May we all be looking upward and setting our eyes on things above this week. Blessings to you all! Click to Listen Here:

Here are some links to help you connect with Katie:


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  1. What a blessing this podcast was! Thankful for you and your ministry. Love, Katie

    1. Ruth Adams says:

      I LOVED recording this with you! Your wisdom and encouragement is a blessing!

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