Pitchin’ A Fit: Overcoming Angry & Stressed-Out Parenting


  • Provides practical and biblical solutions to get to the other side of the issue
  • Gives hope and freedom from the tyranny of stressed-out and angry parenting
  • Offers solutions for helping children overcome anger
  • Ideal for any family

Parenting comes with stresses that can make the most laid-back among us feel irritable, frustrated … and angry. Even parents who sincerely love their children sometimes use the wrong methods of anger and frustration in an attempt to control their children. But angry parenting doesn’t just weaken relationships between parents and their children; it can, over time, destroy them. Few parents set out to become yelling meanies who no longer enjoy their children. Yet many feel stuck, unable to pull themselves out of their ugly habits. This book examines this deeply ingrained, and sometimes painful topic, and offers hope, encouragement, and a fresh vision for the change God wants to bring. Israel and Brook share candidly from their experience as parents of nine children. This book is biblically-based and combined with practical ways to implement new patterns.

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