Devotedly with Valerie Elliot Shepard

Jim and Elisabeth

Hello my Friends! I am so thrilled that you are joining me for this very special episode of the Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast!

Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast 104: Devotedly – Interview With Valerie Shepard

On this episode I have a very special guest. Valerie Elliot Shepard is the daughter to Jim and Elisabeth Elliot missionaries to Ecuador. Valerie was so kind to share the story of how God brought her parents together and used them to engage in kingdom work for His glory. It was a joy to hear from Valerie, and I know you are going to be greatly blessed!

Elisabeth and Valerie

This story is a powerful testimony of what God can do through those whose hearts are fully devoted to Him. You will hear how Jim and Elisabeth were devoted first of all to their God and then to each other.

Valerie also shares about her new book “Devotedly” where she tells the story of the courtship of her parents. The book contains many of the letters they wrote back and forth to each other before they were married, and I was so impressed at the level of spiritual maturity they possessed at such young ages.

You can check out the Devotedly website here:

I so appreciate Val taking the time to share on the podcast, and the exciting thing is that she will be back with me again next week for a different conversation about motherhood. Val is the mother of eight children and has a lot of wisdom to share from her years of raising her own family. I hope you will come back next week for that conversation!

I am going to link to some books by Elisabeth Elliot below as well as Valerie’s beautiful book Devotedly. I am currently reading through Devotedly and it is a stunningly beautiful book that I am really enjoying! Do you have any favorite books by Elisabeth Elliot? I would love to hear about your favorites!

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May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you until we meet again. 

Truths from the Teaching of Amy Carmichael

Recently one of my daughters read the YWAM biography about the life of Amy Carmichael. Throughout my life I have also been impacted by this lady’s devotion to Christ, and I desire to continue to learn more about her in the years to come.

On today’s episode of the podcast I am sharing a little from one of Amy’s books called Fragments that Remain, and I pray that your heart will be strengthened as we glean from Amy’s wisdom.

The Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast 103: Truths from the Teaching of Amy Carmichael

I am also listing some affiliate links for resources that are available to learn more about Amy:

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Mat the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you until we meet again.

Celebrating the 100th Episode of The Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast!

Hello my friends! We are celebrating the 100th episode of The Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast today! It seems like I just started this podcast, and just like that we are already celebrating the 100th episode. The Lord has been good, and it truly is a joy for me to be able to share with you each week by means of the podcast.

Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast 100: Praising The Lord For What He Has Done Thus Far

I hope you will enjoy listening to this week’s episode where my husband Matt and I share about how the podcast started and what the Lord is doing with it. Please help us celebrate by sharing this podcast with your friends both through word of mouth and through sharing on your social media sites. It is our desire that the Lord will continue growing our reach so that more ladies will be encouraged to be tethered to the Word of God and find encouragement for the journey. Be sure to listen and find out about the free give-away we are doing this week!

The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad. – Psalm 126:3

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Thank you for listening and may the Lord grant you a joyful week resting in Him.

Waiting on the Lord Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hello Friends, I hope that you are doing well and that the Lord’s mercies are a strength to you during this unprecedented time that we are walking through. On today’s episode of the podcast I talk about waiting upon the Lord during this time when we are not even sure what normal is anymore.

Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast 99: Our Souls Wait For the Lord Through COVID-19

Our soul waiteth for the Lord: he is our help and our shield. – Psalm 33:20

It is encouraging to remember the Sovereignty of God during times like this and to acknowledge that He has not fallen off of His throne. The Lord has not been taken by surprise by this virus, and He is with us as we walk through these unchartered waters.

I know that there are many stresses and concerns that we all are facing, but I hope that the things I share on this episode will be fortifying to you and offer Biblical encouragement.

I would love to hear from you. Here are some ways that you can connect with me. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast, and please share with your friends so that more ladies can hear and be encouraged. 

How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. Psalm 36:7

Reflections From Prince Edward Island

Hello Friends! I am excited about this episode of the podcast, because on today’s episode I am sharing about the recent trip my husband and I took to Prince Edward Island. This was a dream trip for me, and I want to share with you some of my take-aways from our time there.

Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast 89: Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

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My husband and I sitting with Lucy Maud Montgomery!
The beach was so beautiful!
I really loved seeing the fall foliage!

Thank you for tuning into the podcast, and may the Lord bless you and keep you until we meet again.

Embracing Another Year and Another Decade with Intentionality

It is mind boggling to think that we have entered another decade and a bit sobering to think where I will be when this new decade passes. At that point I will have mostly children in their twenties! That sure does put perspective on the need to be faithful and intentional in the precious fleeting days God has given me with my children.

On this episode of the podcast we talk about making wise use of our time and break it down into some specific priorities we should focus on in order to steward our time wisely. Listen here or hop over to iTunes and search the Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast.

Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast 88: A New Decade And The Value of Time

I mentioned, in the podcast, that we have a brand new store up and running right here on this website. I am so excited to be able to offer my followers a place to go for resources to strengthen families and cultivate family discipleship. I encourage you to click on the shop button and check out the things we currently have listed. Our plan is to continue adding more resources with time.

I would love to hear from you and what your plans are for the new year and this new decade. May the Lord grant us the wisdom and strength to redeem each day for His glory.