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What to do with Little People While Homeschooling

Hi my friends! I have been parenting now for over nineteen years, and we have always homeschooled our seven children. This means that I have walked through many years of trying to teach older children with younger siblings in the mix. There have been many days of pulling my hair out as I tried to find workable solutions, and while I have not mastered the art of a perfectly run homeschool day, I have gleaned some ideas that have been helpful.

I recently put together a video to share some ideas for how to give our younger children the purposeful direction they need which helps minimize the chaos and messes that little ones can so quickly get themselves into. I hope that this is helpful. Remembering that the little years are just a season that passes all too quickly can help tune up our perspective on those hard days. I’m on the tail end of the little years with my youngest two, but in this video I share from things I have learned over time.

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